Do you have a question about our company or our services? Here are some questions we get asked regularly by our clients.

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Do your balustrades and handrails comply to building regulations ?

Building regulations for railings, Stairs and balconies explained. For a handrail going up or down stairs the 100mm sphere rule applies - see drawing. A minimum of 900mm in height is required.

What is your lead time ?

We aren't looking to compete with companies who mass produce the same product over and over. At Garnett Fabrications all our products are handmade in our workshop, this isn't the quickest process but means you can have a bespoke product exactly how you want it to look and fit. Therefore our lead time can sometimes be a little longer than expected. It's worth the wait !



Are you CE certified ?

Yes Garnett Fabrications is fully certified to fabricate and install all steel structures up to execution class 2. This sets us apart from smaller fabrication companies that may be breaking the law not having the correct certification in place.

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How far do you travel ?

Garnett Fabrications work Nationwide, we have worked on projects as far up as Aberdeen and right down to Brighton where as our domestic clients tend to be more located around Yorkshire. We offer a supply only service also so don't hesitate in contacting us, I'm sure we will be able to help.



Why choose Galvanizing?

At Garnett Fabrications we always recommend our mild steel products are Galvanized if they are installed externally. Internal products usually don't need a galvanized coating as galvanizing is mainly to prevent rust from outdoor conditions. Galvanizing can be easily painted over and powder coated but we find a lot of our customers choose the galvanized look as their finished coat.

Does your company do domestic work ?

Yes we offer our services to both domestic clients as well as commercial. We will happily quote you for projects that range anything from around £300 to £300,000 depending on the circumstances. There's no harm in asking. Our friendly team will happily advise.


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